How to prepare premises for relocation

The wider the rooms in the apartment are, the less hassle you will have to prepare them for the move. Unfortunately, modern apartments often resemble animal burrows with nooks and crannies, dead ends and long narrow corridors. It is sometimes rather difficult to move a furniture in such premises without damaging neither things nor walls. The most difficult case - is a move to a small office with a good finish and expensive repairs.

Doors can be protected from damaging with a bubble wrap. In some cases it is necessary to disassemble the door frames, if the furniture does not fit into narrow openings. The floor might be protected with a plastic film, cardboard and old carpets - in extreme cases. Then your hardwood flooring or laminate flooring will not be damaged.

The hardest part is to protect walls and ceiling from damaging - polythene or cardboard do not work in this case. Here we have to use other methods. Think in advance how and where you will set the furniture. Make a draft or a picture of furniture disposition. This will help to avoid absurdities like: "We will take a heavy wardrobe into the back room, and then drag it back to the entrance." Measure the width and the height of door openings as well as the loops (if they exist).

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