Moving and warehousing equipment

Every moving company uses various lifting equipment for handling heavy loads such as piano, ATM, safe or other loads included to the list of services. To date, the success of small and mid-sized business depends greatly on warehouse logistics. Reliable warehouse, equipped with modern equipment for loading, stowage and storage of goods, provide the proper storage conditions, significantly reduce losses and maintain a high quality of moving goods. This article is dedicated to basic types of unloading and loading equipment, which are used by moving and storage companies.

One of the most powerful and high-performance machines that are used for load handling operations is rich truck. Due to its functionality, it combines function of several types of loading machines. It is designed for such works, where lifting speed and moving speed are equally important. Rich truck is very difficult equipment, but it is the most productive of all lifting machinery. Truck is capable to make a speed of 12 km/h and the lifting speed up to 0.6 m/s. Load capacity up to 2.5 tones, moreover the truck can operate at an altitude of 11m.

Self-propelled electric cart is very easy to use equipment, you can teach almost anyone to work on it. Such truck facilitates the work of warehousing staff that gives an opportunity to improve efficiency of staff: workers are less tired, and accordingly, do not make production errors. Self-propelled electric cart can be operated in different ways, depending on the intensity of works, space area, freight turnover and other factors.

Using of lift trucks with an internal combustion engine is required to complete loading works inside and outside the warehouse. These trucks are usually equipped with petrol or gasoline engines, as they work in open or properly ventilated areas. Forklifts are definitely needed to carry out loads handling. With this type of equipment you can also remove snow. Purchasing of used lift trucks in Atlanta is a great alternative to buying new equipment if you moving company needs such equipment from time to time.

The article compiled by Joanne Manning and Jeffrey Bryan from company offering used lift trucks in Atlanta and surrounding area.

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